Skordalia me Agourides: Garlic Spread with Verjuice or with Lemon

This unusual recipe is inspired by one I found in the region of Pelion, in Central Greece.  The green garlic version is deliciously milder but we can only make it in the spring, when we get the fresh, scallion-like garlic from the garden.

Skordalia is served traditionally with fried or grilled fish and seafood; also with fried or grilled vegetables. On its own it is a popular meze served with toasted bread, barley rusks or crackers, and with crudités.


HERE read how I make the Sour Grape condiment.




Makes about 4 cups




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Crustless or ‘Naked’ Squash Pie

The pie is very easy to whip-up and makes a great warm or room-temperature appetizer. Using a very similar mix, you can make the classic Zucchini or Squash Fritters that everybody enjoys at Greek taverns. Instead of frying, you can bake the patties.  

Adapted from Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts.



See also the summer ‘naked pie’ we make with zucchini, of which we often have an overwhelming abundance in June, fresh from our garden.


Serves 5 to 6 as a Main Course (or makes 8 to 10 appetizer portions) (more…)


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Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes and Paspalas, the Kea ‘pork confit’

The name of the dish, as well as the bits of pork that are simmered until tender and then fried in their fat are called ‘papspalas’ in the local dialect of the island.

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Because I make these scrumptious scrambled eggs mostly in the winter, I roast the pale, greenhouse tomatoes to give them more flavor. In the summer, diced fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes are perfect for this, as for any other dish. You just need to cook them a bit longer in olive oil until their juices become syrupy. See also Bonnie S. Benwick’s version at the Washington Post


Serves 2-3 as a main course, 5-6 as part of a meze spread




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