Kea Artisanal, September 17, 2020 Newsletter

There is no better way to showcase the succulent, end-of-summer tomatoes than using them to flavor this simple, yet delicious dish. Similar sauces are whipped-up all over the Italian south and I recently came across the Sicilian Spaghetti Alla Carrettiera which READ MORE

Kea Artisanal, September 3, 2020 Newsletter

The most versatile and intriguing of all the summer vegetables, eggplants can be an easy and wonderful main course baked with peppers and onions, like a Greek rustic version of ratatouille, or the most elaborate luscious Moussaka which I propose with and without meat in a READ MORE

August 20, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

The two baskets of grapes we gathered from our old vines were too few for wine and too seedy to eat; so Costas and I decided to press them and take the juice to drink, freeze some to make granita, and certainly make moustalevria READ MORE

August 6, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Mediterranean striped bass right out of the water is a truly delicious fish, I think. They were the day’s catch, plus a mackerel, and I decided to bake them on a bed of local potatoes with slices of our thick-skinned, sweet lemons. I dressed them with READ MORE

July 23, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Ricotta-based sweets are very popular both in Greece, in southern Italy, and in Sicily. But we cannot compare the various often rustic treats with the glorious Sicilian Cassata READ MORE

May 13, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

We stuff all kinds of chard leaves —watch the VIDEO— creating delicious bundles; also, we braise and cook them, along with their crunchy stems, with fresh fava pods, and of course with rice, meat, fish or chicken… READ MORE

March 9, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

I think you will love my newly tweaked recipe for Fast and Fragrant Preserved Lemons that I freeze or keep in a jar with olive oil to flavor my skordalia (garlic sauce) or chop them to add to dressings, particularly for potato salads, boiled greens (horta), steamed broccoli or cauliflower, and READ MORE

February 3, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

This kumquat-cheese bread is the winter variation of the basic summer recipe included in my book Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts. For topping in the summer version, I use figs, blue cheese, and READ MORE

January 9, 2020 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Slightly soggy, not particularly crunchy olive-oil-fried potatoes, accompanied by an olive-oil-fried egg, or just yogurt, or a piece of tangy feta was the ultimate comfort dinner for my sister and me READ MORE

December 20, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

These dark-chocolate-nut-and-fruit bars are delicious and almost guilt-free, as they have no added sugar. They are a breeze to make, and you will love them! They also make a much-appreciated edible gift; they are an ideal offering for a friend’s dinner party, since flowers are a pain for the hosts who must stop everything and READ MORE

November 22, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Crunchy with walnuts or pecans, sweet with raisins and wheat berries, and enticing with a special Eastern Mediterranean aromatic blend, the main course I propose will be loved by vegans but also by READ MORE

November 7, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

I keep a bowl or basket with fragrant quinces at our kitchen table almost all winter long. I get the quinces from our trees, and often I pick them when they are still a tiny bit green because if I leave them on the trees, worms and wasps will eat them before READ MORE

October 24, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Very few of our pomegranates ripen without bursting, but their sweetness is unbelievable! With our own pomegranates or with the pomegranate juice of the fruit produced on Kea we make a refreshing sorbet (granita in Greek) scented with READ MORE

October 3, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

This moist, fruity cake is inspired and loosely based on a recipe for Rustic Tuscan Apple Cake that my friend Val Harrison posted in her brilliant site ‘More than Burned Toast.’  I tweaked the recipe, READ MORE

September 19, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

In the summer there are precious few of the fresh, tender fennel leaves we love at the base of the tall stocks that dot the Kean landscape. The flowers will soon become green READ MORE

August 22, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

On our stony and arid island it is almost a miracle that the contorted, frail-looking fig trees with trunks often infested by colonies of ants manage to give this small, sweet, delectable READ MORE

August 8, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

We make it with our garden’s aromatic damascene roses but you can use store-bought petals to first create the rose petal jam and then this easy, refreshing dessert READ MORE

May 3, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

We make it with our garden’s aromatic damascene roses but you can use store-bought petals to first create the rose petal jam and then this easy, refreshing dessert  READ MORE

April 25, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Fresh from the garden, the colorful, tender blossoms are stuffed with a small piece of feta cheese and a mint leaf. Then they are dipped in batter and fried. Enjoy them, as any fried vegetable or fish with my creamy-tangy Skordalia: A Garlic Spread with almonds, lemon or unripe grape juice (verjuice), lemon zest, and yogurt.  READ MORE

April 18, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

As the coiled tahinopites bake, the thin layer of dough cracks and the stuffing oozes out, caramelizing; These crunchy, darkened, sugary bits are the best bites… READ MORE