May 3, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

We make it with our garden’s aromatic damascene roses but you can use store-bought petals to first create the rose petal jam and then this easy, refreshing dessert  READ MORE

April 25, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

Fresh from the garden, the colorful, tender blossoms are stuffed with a small piece of feta cheese and a mint leaf. Then they are dipped in batter and fried. Enjoy them, as any fried vegetable or fish with my creamy-tangy Skordalia: A Garlic Spread with almonds, lemon or unripe grape juice (verjuice), lemon zest, and yogurt.  READ MORE

April 18, 2019 Kea Artisanal Newsletter

As the coiled tahinopites bake, the thin layer of dough cracks and the stuffing oozes out, caramelizing; These crunchy, darkened, sugary bits are the best bites… READ MORE