6a00d8341c5a2653ef00e553728a2d8833-800wi“After the hike, Costas takes me to his home, a stone cottage whose living area is packed with books and cooking utensils.

“You walked”, Aglaia says. “Now you need replenishment”.

On a wooden table beneath the olive trees, she sets out flatbreads, fresh-picked edible greens, smoked pork loin, fava beans, eggplant pie, and sesame and honey sweets, or pasteli, all with accompanying wines.”

-Bob Payne, Conde Nast Traveler


“If there’s a paradise on earth for a seafood lover like me, it is Kea –more specifically, the outdoor kitchen where Aglaia [Kremezi], a journalist and cookbook author, runs a school withe her husband, Costas Moraitis.

The week I spent there […] was like a waking dream.”

– Hunter Lewis, SAVEUR magazine


“…Aglaia was holding back for the final night when, as the sun set on an empty beach, we grilled fresh sardines and draped them over a Paximadi salad. It was a warm May evening… our toes were peeking out over the high-dive rock of summer and there was so much possibility ahead.”

foodandwine_100tastes“Noted Greek cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi has a bad case of philoxenia, which means she thrives on playing host to strangers.

That ethos characterizes her year-old cooking school, Kea Artisanal, on the island of Kea.”

-Paula Wolfert, Food & Wine

840“Cooking classes change the way you look at the world—or certainly the way you look at what’s on supermarket shelves and in your refrigerator.

… A great advantage over other cooking experiences abroad is that Kremezi is so attuned to the tastes, available ingredients, and habits of American cooks. ”

– Corby Kummer, senior editor, The Atlantic

GourmetMay08cover“During my weeklong trip, we spent half our time exploring the island – walking among ruins and relaxing on sandy beaches, some still litterd with fragments of ancient pottery- and the other half cooking at Aglaia’s home, just outside of town, near the sea and the marina.”

Gourmet magazine

cropped-kc-logo-2014“They welcomed us into their lives for the week, and into their home, cooking and sharing meals with them, laughing and telling many stories.  It was the best experience I have ever had and I am forever grateful! I can only look forward to the day when I will be able to return.”