4 thoughts on “(English) Moustalevria: Grape Must Jelly

  1. What a wonderful way to make use of seedy grapes. Our grapes are coming and in this sounds like a wonderful way to transform them into a delicious dessert. I cannot wait to try it!

  2. In Sicily this is called ‘mostarda’, being made from the unfermented grape must. I bring some must home from the winery where our grapes are pressed, and following my mother-in-law’s recipe, clarify it with wood ash from the previous winter’s vineyard pruning. Lovely to know that you make it too – maybe it comes to us from Magna Greacia!

    1. Dearest Mary, we are supposed to clarify the must too, but I found that skipping this step I can make an easier and more of a fruity ‘mostarda’

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