Yellow, Spicy Griddle Crackers

Based on my usual bread dough to which I substituted cornmeal for the barley, and added a lot more spices, especially turmeric and cumin, which give it a warm, earthy flavor and a vivid yellow color to make the Yellow Spicy Bread.


For these irresistible, crispy crackers we shaped part of the dough into thin oval pita-like pieces and baked them on the saç! Our latest love affair with the hot-plate I brought from Istanbul inspired us to make other savory and sweet dishes pies, besides these crispy breads.


The crackers can be easily baked on any griddle or skillet. Depending on the size of the one you will use, take smaller pieces of dough, and flatten them so that they can easily fit on your griddle or hot-plate.

Makes 16 large crackers

Half the dough from the Yellow, Spicy Bread recipe

Olive oil for brushing the crackers


Make the dough and let it rise, as described in the Spicy Yellow Bread.

Divide into four the dough (half of the previous recipe) cover the 3 pieces, and divide the last piece into four again. Roll with a floured rolling pin each of the small pieces into  very thin rounds, or oval –mine were about 10 X 5 inches (25 X 12 cm.) Lightly flour the surface, the dough, and the rolling pin as you work.


Preheat the griddle or hot-plate.

Stretch the thin dough again, then prick with a fork or with the special tool, and rub lightly both sides with olive oil. Place carefully on the hot griddle or hot-plate and cook, pressing the surface with a spatula to prevent it from puffing.


Flip after 2 minutes or so, when you see speckled with brown spots forming, and cook on the other side. Turn again, if you think it needs more cooking, and transfer to rack to cool.

Continue to shape and cook the rest of the crackers.

To make sure they are completely dry and crispy, place all the crackers on the rack of a very low oven (80 C or 175 F) for about 1 hour.

Let cool on a rack, then keep in airtight containers or in a zip log bag.






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