Winter Cold and Spectacular Moon!

January is cold, often very windy and it may even snow for a day or two. But we also enjoy some occasional sunny days, to do the needed garden work.

We also experience THE most spectacular moon this January, not just in the evening, but also early in the morning… 


We may even get some snow on Kea this coming weekend!  

People are often surprised to hear that we occasionally get snow on the island, but we do; not much, and mainly high, on the mountains. It only lasts for a couple of days at the most.  But we do experience snow once a year, usually in January or February, as you can see in the pictures from previous years.  

It gets quite cold –we expect high 20ies to low 30is F (about 5 to -2 centigrade) this weekend– and usually it is bitterly windy and humid, though it might be sunny.  
These days the night skies were so clear, and at we had the chance to enjoy a wonderful almost full moon through the bedroom window.
Another thing that surprises people about our winters here is that the island’s usually yellow-brown dry summer landscape becomes totally green as the first rains begin in the fall.  
In the heart of winter, and with stonewalls all over the hills and valleys, the island may look a bit like Ireland (!) This is the time for us to prepare the garden for the spring and summer vegetables, and do some much needed pruning and weeding.  
The rainy and cloudy skies quickly turn to sunny again, and we look forward to the spring which will bring all sorts of flowers, and the first wild orchids that fill the fields under the big, now bare oak trees. 

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