Upside-down Nectarine, Peach, or Apple Tart

I whipped up this fast and quite delicious dessert using the last nectarines of the year. But you can also use apples, instead.

I caramelized some sugar, then laid the peach or apple segments on it and cooked for a few minutes, before covering with two layers of pastry and baking. 


I bought quite a few nectarines the other day, as we at end of October, far beyond peach season. Although they looked unripe, when cut, their flesh was overripe, almost rotten around the stone –probably because they were refrigerated for far too long.

Since they were not good to enjoy as part of my morning fruit-plate, I thought of using them to make an upside-down tart, using frozen, store-bought puff pastry as the crust.

I have had quite a lot of misses in the past trying to bake upside-down fruit tarts, but this time I used my new, very light, aluminum, non-stick Neoflam skillet which made it so easy to bake and invert the tart perfectly, for the very first time…



Serves 8-12



5 Nectarines, halved and pitted; each half cut into 3-4 segments, OR 3-4 apples (any kind), peeled and halved, then each piece cut into 3-4 segments (see NOTE)


2/3 cups sugar, divided


2 -3 rosemary sprigs 


1 cup golden raisins


2 pieces frozen puff pastry (500 grams, about 1 pound) thawed according to package instructions 


Vanilla, Mastic-scented ice cream, or whipped cream, to serve (optional)


Spread 1/2 cup sugar in a 10-inch (26 cm) non-stick  light pan and heat in medium high, spreading the sugar with 2 teaspoons water and tossing, every now and then with a wooden spatula for 15 minutes or more,  until the sugar caramelizes, turning a dark amber color.  


Preheat the oven to 400 F (220 C).


Remove the skillet from the heat, and wearing gloves, carefully arrange the nectarine or apple pieces over the caramelized sugar syrup. Sprinkle with rosemary leaves, scatter the raisins over the nectarines and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons sugar, then cook in medium-high heat for 10 minutes. Cover the fruit with a piece of parchment paper and the lid, and cook another 10 minutes, until the nectarines or apples are quite soft. Remove from the heat.


Unroll the puff pastry and cover the fruit with one piece, pushing it with a spatula to go deep all around the fruit pieces. Sprinkle with the rest of the sugar and lay the second piece of pastry over. Use the pieces you cut off to make sure there is quite a bit of pastry around the sides of the skillet, and the fruit is well covered. Any leftover pastry can be added on top of the 2 layers. 


Place the skillet in a larger pan or baking sheet lined with parchment paper, to prevent any syrup spilling into your oven as the tart bakes. Spray the pastry with water, using a plant spritzer, and prick in several places with a sharp knife. Bake for about 30 minutes, in the middle of the oven, or until the pastry looks dark brown and well done.


Remove from the oven. Wearing gloves, and using thick oven-mittens invert the tart on a platter. If a couple of fruit have stuck in the pan, carefully remove them and place in the gaps on the tart.  


Let cool for 15-20 minutes, then cut to serve, accompanying with ice cream or whipped cream, if you like. 



NOTE: You can also use canned peaches. Drain and cut into segments. Canned peaches don’t need additional cooking, just warm-through in the caramelized sugar before covering with the puff pastry. 





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