Roasted Kid, Fish and Rose Petals

Our visitors who braved the graphic descriptions of our country’s situation and came to Kea in May enjoyed a wonderful time! Spring was late, so the weather was nicely cool. For our six-day program we had a small and intimate group. The island was still green and calm, almost untouched and far from the biting crisis. For our second group we had students from the University of Wisconsin, guided by Liz Fakazis. It was invigorating to host 21 young people eager to learn, who gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge, cook and enjoy the island together.

With our guests we dug out the new potatoes, rolled phyllo and stuffed grape leaves, savored exquisite sea-bass baked in salt crust at Magazes, roasted lamb and kid in mastelo –the traditional clay bucket from the island of Sifnos— and used our fragrant antique rose petals in a light yogurt-and-pistachio mousse. We feasted under the mulberry tree, we walked to the ‘smiling’ lion, we hiked and enjoyed the sunset on the beach.  And, as always, tasted about 31 different Greek wines and nearly 15 artisanal cheeses!

What a boost of morale for us!  Some tourists have been reluctant to visit Greece this year hearing about the economy, the strikes and social unrest.  But fortunately our guests are coming.  They may have sensed that there is still a lot of wine and cheeses in our cellar…

We can’t wait to welcome and share our table with our upcoming late June group.

Soon maybe we will see you too!
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