Our March Garden

Unusually warm, with a few days of fierce southern winds, our spring in Kea is progressing rapidly. I heard that this year the Golf Stream moved our way pushing warm air to the southeastern Mediterranean, while Europe’s north is still under quite a bit of snow. Cold temperatures are predicted to persist all through the Easter weekend.


After an appreciated wet winter the abundant wild flowers in our property have already started to fade. My favorite sign of spring is the fig tree’s first leaves, somewhat translucent with the most attractive velvety green color that won’t last; very soon the leaves will grow large and thick, ready to impart a sweet-smoky flavor to the fish Costas wraps in them, protecting the delicate flesh as he grills them over charcoal fire.



The last of our wonderful purple broccoli, forgotten in the garden, grew tall and blossomed with an unexpected bright yellow crown, next to a cluster of borage bursting with crunchy blue flowers. I add them to my spring salads and spreads. More than mere garnish, the borage buds with their bright, cucumber-like flavor, are a welcome addition to any dish.




The olive trees have started to bloom and our crazy puppies search the thick grass around them for remnants of last year’s fallen olives, utterly rotten of course, which, together with the decayed almonds, they love to munch.


Greek Easter is late this year, May 5. When the visitors flood the island to celebrate this glorious spring feast, it might well be nearly summer.

Then our classes begin, May 13 and we look forward to welcoming the first group of new friends…

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