Our First Favas!

Yesterday I harvested the first favas from the garden. I could probably have done it earlier, as a few of the pods were already so large that needed shelling! 



To the freshly harvested fava I added a bag of frozen shelled beans from last year, when I discovered that they were in perfect condition, very easily peeled, as if I had blanched them. At the end of the spring I freeze fresh, tender fava pods as well as shelled fava in zip-top bags so that I can cook fava dishes all year round; but I seldom do. There are always new vegetables and greens every season, so I had almost forgotten these beans…

For my first dish of the spring I made two new versions of the classic fava with olive oil, lemon and fennel. Together with the ubiquitous garlic, I added fresh cilantro from the garden—I have to use it fast, as it is almost ready to bloom. And, instead of salt, I add slivered preserved lemon to all my vegetable, meat and legume dishes these days.
One more layer of flavor that goes with everything!

Our humble braised fava came in two versions: One with just lemon, and the second with yogurt, which complements even better fava’s sweetness.

See HERE more about fava, and more recipes.


See the Recipe: Fresh Fava with Garlic, Preserved Lemon, Fennel and Cilantro


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