My Smoky, Sweet Eggplant Spread

With fried green peppers and parsley, my spread is playful and addictive. Every Greek cook, as every cook around the Mediterranean, has her or his version of melitzanosalata (eggplant spread). This is the one I usually make and have published in my book Mediterranean Hot and Spicy. You can lighten it, if you like, adding a couple of tablespoons of thick yogurt, just before serving.



I have seen in some Greek and Middle Eastern taverns the smoky spread served inside the charred skin of the eggplant. I tried it, but find it quite difficult to grill the eggplants so that the skin is well blackened but still firm enough to hold a filling. You can try, if you like.

But whichever way you present it, the flavor of this spread is playful and addictive.

Serve as an appetizer with toasted bread, or crudités. It is also good on baked or steamed potatoes, and on steamed or grilled fillets of fish, as well as with chicken breast.


RECIPE: Eggplant, Pepper, and Parsley Spread




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