Lemon Curd & Banana Ice Cream

This is an extremely easy, light and intensely lemony ice cream that needs no churning.

I love it with my Ginger & Grape Molasses cookies, which are a variation of the classic ginger snap ones that I make with grape molasses and olive oil instead of any other shortening.



Serves 8-12


5 ripe bananas (about 2 pounds/500 grams)


1  1/2 cup Lemon Curd, preferably homemade


2/3-1 cup lemon marmalade, preferably homemade 


1/2 pound/250 grams mascarpone 


4 tablespoons gin


4-6  Ginger & Grape Molasses cookies, crumbled (optional)


Coarsely chopped pistachios for serving (optional)



In the blender mash the bananas with the lemon curd, then add the jam, the mascarpone, and gin, and blend a few more seconds.


Add the cookies, if using, and work briefly in low speed, just to incorporate in the mix.


Transfer to two small cake tins lined with double plastic wrap OR make the ice cream in a round pan or in a bowl, if you like.


Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight.


Take out of the freezer 10 minutes before serving, unwrap and transfer to a plate. Sprinkle with pistachios, and cut pieces to serve.







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