June’s Candied Lemon Peel

Inspired by the exquisite “tasty, bite size, fruit candy” my friend June Taylor–the marmalade-maker par excellence— makes.


Trying to take advantage of our fragrant, thick-skinned lemons, I took the time and candied some lemon and Seville orange peels, after tasting June’s treats. I posted a recipe, the result of my very first try following the Greek way for making ‘spoon sweets.’ The peels were good, somewhat chewy, but nothing like the tender and fragrant citrus triangles June makes.

Reading my recipe, June Taylor–the expert marmalade-maker— sent me her invaluable professional advice: “When you talk about boiling the citrus peel in the sugar solution I would suggest that you barely simmer it. The process of osmosis – the water coming out of the peel and the sugar solution going in needs to happen at an even pace and gently. Boiling can lead to a toughening up of the peel. Also, we air dry our peel, sometimes for a day or two or several days (depending on the weather and humidity level) before rolling them in sugar.”

The following recipe is adjusted accordingly.

See the Recipe: Candied Lemon or Seville Orange Peels


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