I love Quince!

I have a bowl or a basket with fragrant quince at our kitchen
table almost all winter. 


I get them from our trees whenever I think they are almost ready but I often cut them when they are still hard, because if I let them the worms and wasps will get them before us… When I use them up I get new ones and let them ripen and acquire a bright yellow color before I cut them up bake, poach or cook with meat or make our favorite quince preserves.


I sometimes make a rolled, strudel-like pie but what I most like are the various savory dishes I have invented: simply roasted with carrots scented with allspice and turmeric or the more elaborate dish of stuffed quince with wheat-berries, nuts, and raisins.


I really think that quinces are at their best in savory dishes. The traditional Greek kydonatoveal or pork braised with quince— is just one option but mostly I prefer to improvise; these days I prefer to pair the tough, tart fruit with our local spicy and smoked sausage and peppers. The combination is wonderful and I am sure you will find in your area a nice strong-flavored sausage to use.


Spicy Sausage with Quince (or apples) and Red Peppers

 Veal or pork braised with quince

Quince stuffed with wheat-berries, nuts and raisins

Quince roasted with carrots, scented with allspice and turmeric

Rolled, strudel-like quince pie

Quince preserves (Kydoni Glyko)



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