Figs in my Bread!

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These days of fig abundance are here again, and if I am not making fig jam I use the leftover figs, the overripe or the ones that start to dry on our old tree in the back of the house, as stuffing for bread.

Fig Bread cut SMany years ago I had eaten in Paris delicious bread twists with figs and I tried to reproduce them in my kitchen with dried figs in the winter, but the results were not memorable. With dried figs and Rockford cheese I top a savory flat bread that I often serve as meze, before the main meal, and I included it in my last book.

This summer I decided to try something else: I stuffed my regular dough with fresh sliced figs, enhancing their flavor with brown sugar. The loaf was really delicious, a lightly sweet, irresistible bread.

So I decided that I had to freeze sliced figs so that I can make the bread even when there are no more figs in our trees.

Fig Bread Double SI served it as dessert, with xynomysithra –the tangy ricotta-like fresh cheese from Chania, Crete. It is great for breakfast with yogurt and fruits, but can also be paired with aged and spicy cheeses. It is wonderful with gorgonzola and kopanisti –the Greek fermented cheese– especially complemented with Vinsanto of Santorini, with Mavrodaphne of Patras or port wine, but also with my aromatic lemon liqueur.

See the recipe HERE


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