FAVA Revuelto or Strapatsada

I substituted my garden’s fava pods for the elegant green asparagus in David Tanis’ brilliant Spanish Asparagus Revuelto; the result is a humble, yet deliciously satisfying dish of scrambled eggs with fava and garlic.



Inventive Mediterranean cooks use any seasonal vegetable, herb or green, and combine them with eggs to make frittata or froutalia —the Greek version. I am thrilled to discover revueltos, the simple Spanish stir-fry of vegetables and eggs, similar to what we call strapatsada in Greece –from the Italian uova strapazzate(scrambled eggs).

Our strapatsada is typically made with tomatoes and eggs, and I didn’t think of expanding the idea and add other seasonal vegetables, until I came upon David Tanis’ brilliant Spanish Asparagus Revuelto; it was a revelation! I especially loved the fried bread cubes, and immediately decided to make the dish with my abundant fresh favas; green asparagus rarely reach our island market anyway.

I added slivered preserved lemon as flavoring –the basic condiment for all my vegetable dishes— and omitted the sausage or paspala, which could be the Kean twist to the Spanish recipe. We simply sprinkled the dish with crumbled feta and it was delicious!


See the Recipe: Scrambled Eggs with Fava and Garlic


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