3 thoughts on “(English) Our Fragrant Bitter Oranges

  1. Hello,

    I’ve just discovered your website after a tip off from Melbourne cook Ela Mittas mentioned it in her blog.
    According to my father-in-law I am an honorary Greek since my background is English. My heart belongs to Greece. What wonderful recipes you share. I’m going to try some. Thanks a lot.

    Kipps Horn

  2. Hi. I live in Peloponnese in the south we have 4 mature trees in our garden which I think fall into the category you describe. The fruit is certainly bitter. The trees have big thorns – and I mean big! I can’t workout if the trees are just gone wild and back to their rootstock or if they were planted as they are. Any idea? I am wondering about getting grafts put onto them of more usable citrus such as sweet orange or lemon.

    1. Grafting seems an excellent idea if they are healthy trees and I am sure they will thrive! Ours unfortunately are now in a terrible state after the heat and drought of this island summer. I hope they recover somewhat, but my husband doubts they will…

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