2 thoughts on “(English) Galaxidi Kourambiedes: a New, Very Old Festive Treat

  1. Lovely recipe, thx Aglaia! There’s something similar in Andalucia – polverones, dusty cakes – also a Christmas treat, but made with pork-lard instead of butter as the shortening (cow’s milk products not traditional in Andaluz). Very soft and crumbly, so if not made at home (unusual) sold wrapped in a square of tissue paper, tied at the top.

    1. Dear Elisabeth, indeed the Andalusian polverones are very similar to kourambiedes and as I had mentioned in the previous recipe I posted, a few years back, on Kea and the other islands of the Cyclades lard was the fat used, as neither butter or olive oil was available in the old days, while pork fat, from the home-raised pigs that are traditionally slaughtered in the winter, was the basic fat for cooking and baking.
      See also my 2009 piece “In Greece Slaughtering the pig,” at the Atlantic website. I am sure the Andalucia customs are quite similar. We should probably do an Oxford Table discussion about them…

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