Beet’s Vanishing Color!

To make flavorful and attractively colored breads and biscotti I often add carob,greens or squash and tangerines to my basic dough along with olive oil. The addition of beets makes delicious baguettes and buns but does not, unfortunately, create red or even pink bread…



Beets stain all the surrounding vegetables that complement them in salads; they make a dark red borsht and an equally impressive beet risotto, but when reduced to a pulp and added to flours and water the resulting vivid pink dough loses completely its color when the bread is baked. Occasionally a faint pinkish crust remains but the inside of the bread is quite ordinary, and you have to eat it to taste the sweet earthiness of the beets.


Using my marmalade –or any jam you like— and adding pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds or the nuts you love most, you can make these irresistible stuffed buns. They are delicious fresh, right out of the oven. If you have any leftover after one –two days I suggest you slice and toast them. They are absolutely delicious!


Beet Bread and Marmalade-Pistachio Buns


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