Kea Artisanal



KEA ARTISANAL introduces visitors to the Mediterranean way of eating, entertaining, and living in Kea, Cyclades.

Award-winning and internationally renowned cookbook author Aglaia Kremezi with her husband, Costas Moraitis and a select group of friends lead you on a fascinating journey through authentic Greek island and Mediterranean food. The program includes hands-on cooking classes, wine, cheese, olive oil and honey tastings, as well as explorations of the beaches, villages, and unique archaeological sites of the island.


APRIL 15-24

Kea & Thessaloniki 

(SOLD OUT, Inquire for Cancelations)


MAY 12 – 19 


in collaboration with with CHEF MICHAEL COSTA, and CHEF CASSIE PIUMA


MAY 26-30





Spring/Summer & Fall dates COMING SOON…



are always available upon request
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Throughout the year we organize ONE-DAY events and special programs for FOUR people or more sailing to the island, or any Kea visitor interested in discovering the Aegean Mediterranean culture.

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Kea Artisanal
Ioulis P.O. Box 2
GR-84002 Cyclades, Greece

tel: +30 228 802 1917



The sequence of activities as well as the dishes we will cook together might change, subject to weather and the seasonality of ingredients. OLIVE PICKING AND PRESSING activities may be an option in the fall programs.

Day 1: Monday

7:00 pm Pick up from hotel. 7:15 pm Orientation, garden tour and drinks at Aglaia and Costas’s house, followed by welcome meze and dinner with the group and Kea residents and friends. 12-Welcome-Dinner
Greek wine tasting, part 1: two sparkling wines; two white wines, one red.


I really liked the mixture of cooking and sightseeing–a perfect balance. Aglaia and Costas are so friendly and welcoming too. The week was perfect, every detail was taken care of, well planned and managed. It is a trip I will always remember!

(Rachel, ME, U.S.A.)

We chose the program because it was an all round, food and culture experience, not a “chef” situation. I wanted a program that we would learn how people eat at home.

(Lisa, MN, U.S.A.)


“After the hike, Costas takes me to his home, a stone cottage whose living area is packed with books and cooking utensils. “You walked”, Aglaia says. “Now you need replenishment”. On a wooden table beneath the olive trees, she sets out flatbreads, fresh-picked edible greens, smoked pork loin, fava beans, eggplant pie, and sesame and honey sweets, or pasteli, all with accompanying wines.”

-Bob Payne, Conde Nast Traveler

“If there’s a paradise on earth for a seafood lover like me, it is Kea –more specifically, the outdoor kitchen where Aglaia [Kremezi], a journalist and cookbook author, runs a school withe her husband, Costas Moraitis. The week I spent there […] was like a waking dream.”

– Hunter Lewis, SAVEUR magazine