Green Savory Biscotti with Olive Oil, Yogurt and Nuts

In the winter when we have plenty of greens, both cultivated and foraged, I often bake green bread or crunchy paximadia that are quite striking, healthy and delicious! They are an almost guilt-free snack, while Costas likes them with his coffee in the morning or after lunch; I usually serve them with spreads and salads as part of the meze as they complement ideally the spread I make with Smoked Herring or Tarama.


Makes enough biscotti to fill two 3 quart jars

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Lazarus’ Breads

On Saturday before the Holy Week, in many parts of Greece women used to bake anthropomorphic breads called ‘lazarakia’ to celebrate St Lazarus’ resurrection.

According to the old customs groups of girls called lazarines used to go around the village from home to home carrying baskets decorated with spring flowers and aromatic herbs, singing Lazarus’s carols and announcing the coming Easter feast:

“…Wake up Lazarus today is your day of joy {…}
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and we’ll eat mackerel
but next Sunday we will feast on Easter lamb!” (more…)

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